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gaspard“Gaspard Blanc, the iconic creator of the resort and ski school Arêches Beaufort. Gaspard was my grandfather. He was also the creator of this store I had to take heart, to live and grow. Sliding on his tracks, I am also a ski instructor. I love to share my passion for mountains, skins, ski or mountain bike. You facilitate the stay in Arêches-Beaufort, this is the spirit of my team and myself ….”

Nicolas Blanc



Gaspard Sport : your ski hire areches Beaufort !

Gaspard was the son of a peasant. Any kid already, it is smart, he knows milk goats and soon he knows everything. It remains besides farmer to quarantine but, from the 30, he falls in love with a sport so little known in Arêches: skiing. Its “skins” are vulgar string strands that wraps around somehow spatulas to not back to the climb. In 1936, the Alpine troops, he encounters decisive for its future, sealing the fate of our station. Ski Instructors siskins or Haute-Savoie inoculate him virus education and he graduated to assistant instructor. In the winter of 1938-1939, he introduces tourists to the hotel Couttet at Roselend. After a forced interlude (consequence slowdown in WWII) it buys, at 47, a few tiny plots to install a lift. All the village is put that to give a hand, which to give a few pennies, the wife of Gaspard, Simone, going around to collect funds. At Christmas 1947 my grandparents received their greatest gift: the tickets they had ordered to sell the “towers” perch. Simone, luxury perchwoman, and Gaspard, monitor the first hour, the ski lift Cret Gerel could start his career … and start the station. As a rescue sled? A manure sledge. Perfectly scrubbed, of course. “Gaspard came from nothing. He did this first for him, but it benefited everyone, “testifies Molliet Félicien, in the book of François Rieu,” Arêches-Beaufort. “



Ski hire Areches Beaufort :

ski hire areches beaufort

The ski resort Arêches Beaufort is located in Savoie, in the hills typical of Beaufort village. Famous for its cheese, Beaufort is easily accessible via Albertville (within 20 km of the Olympic city) and offers all types of accommodation for holiday makers wishing to enjoy the alpine setting of the resort Arêches Beaufort.

The ski resort Arêches Beaufort delight all skiers from beginners to experts, family skier in the day. 55 km of groomed trails allow to spend large forest areas with wide tracks to test its “carving”!

Located between 1000 meters and 2300 meters, the ski resort has snow cannons to ensure enough snow even in case of shortages.

For your ski equipment rental ans ski hire Areches Beaufort, many ski shops offer to rent as to the sale, a wide range of products (skis, mini skis, snowboards …..). Please contact: Ski rental Arêches Beaufort! and find ski equipment store near your residence.

Arêches Beaufort in summer

Summer Arêches Beaufort offers a rural setting with many possible activities: mountain biking, hiking, swimming …. live a fun summer mountain experience, with all theprofessionals at your service during your vacation.

In winter, Arêches Beaufort ski resort is a paradise for mountain lovers: downhill,freerides the underworld (in the woods a few meters of the tracks a few secret spots…), racket snow!

To discover the ski resort Arêches Beaufort, visit the Tourist Office: Office of Areches