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Outputs and freeride ski touring trips

Ski certified instructor, I invite you to explore a Beaufortain you do not already know, coming out of the “box”, safely. Today it is a pleasure, even for beginners, to go to the assault highs. The freeride equipment, in the same way, greatly facilitates the developments in powder, take advantage of it to explore the off-piste Arêches-Beaufort whose quality is praised in magazines (dated last article HERE).


freeride outings:

The program for these courses of 4 half-day (9:30 am to 13 pm)
addressing the skiers and snowboarders:
– Discovery of new spaces (powder snow, forest …)
– Understanding of the mountain environment
– Off-road safety
– Handling the avalanche transceiver (research unit of avalanche victims)
Minimum Level: Level 3 class / surf 3. Are Juniors release.
Safety equipment: Gaspard Sport lends you an avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe
Price: 130 € per person.
Information and registration at the Guides Office of Arêches-Beaufort.




Output ski touring

Every Wednesday of winter hiking initiation ski tours are offered through the ESF Arêches-Beaufort program. Remember to book! For insiders: contact us (weekly outings program). We can also offer all-inclusive with the card on a weekend or several days, with night in refuge or hotel (rens. 06 07 41 80 43).


Mountain Guide


Who said that the seriousness of the guide profession can not be accompanied by a friendly and warm atmosphere? Your expectations are at the heart of my pre-occupations, the main thing being your enjoyment. Initiation, discovery, escape, development, what ever your level of adventure and your desires, everything is possible. Family, friends or alone, I will be your climbing partner!



Evolve into a magical world. Water fi Gee by frost, bluish sculptures await your ice axes and crampons. Thrills safely! Original activity and sensational warranty. hangouts Saint Guérin Arêches, the Daille in Val d’Isere.


Realize your dreams … discovery-renowned introduction to racing. Give yourself the opportunity to climb the most beautiful peaks.


The high mountains and Mont Blanc accessible. 2800 m vertical (ski level: red track). By cable, we reach the summit of the Aiguille du Midi (3842 m) and then we travel to the glacial ski route of the Vallée Blanche to Chamonix, about 2,800 meters downhill height difference. We walk between the seracs and the remarkable landscapes of the mountain the highest in Europe. Change of scenery! Such. : 06 87 39 21 74/06 10 84 52 55/04 79 31 30 18


Discover the winter mountains, the feeling of freedom in the great snowy fields Beaufortain, make your mark whatever your level. The Beaufortain is a center for the practice of sealskin. Alpine pastures we offer a vast choice of routes: the large and sustained elevation slopes as easy routes for those wishing to learn. Come and make your record and enjoy the mountain scenery. Ride through a region still preserved, far from any agitation. You will be able to enjoy the pleasures of the feeling of freedom, total escape! I offer day trips but also raids two days. They will lead you off the beaten path: we will cross no lift.


Large and small curves in the virgin snow slopes, sheltered from view and – above all – a reasonable distance from the lifts. You want to leave the marked trails and discover exceptional landscapes? The Beaufortain is of great interest for skiing off-piste and freeride. With me, go to the numerous slopes and wildlife corridors that the field holds. Safety is one of my priorities, you will learn the basic precautions and the handling of the transceiver.